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With the development of social networks, today’s young people tend to express themselves toward the social network, we show it to other people and especially post your pictures to the social network. They are not only to post their own photos, you show off by posting a short video on social media. Normal video capture application with a phone and a compatible, you will not be able to meet the user’s requirements. Therefore, users tend to search for a third-party app to do these things.

Tik Tok is trusted by many people around the world, is an application that is popular all over the world. Chinese company has developed the application. The beginning of the application is the China region, has spread to the whole world. This application is above the YouTube, Facebook, now the app that has been most downloaded for a while. According to the calculations, this application has been reached in one day 150 million active users and 500 million monthly active users in June 2018. This is the best video support applications in the world. Now, users can find current. App provides many that the user can use the great features to the user.


Social Network
This application is considered to be a miniature social network in the video editing within the application. Therefore, to be able to use the app, users must first create an account. However, because the application can log in to the application the user is using the “Facebook” account, you do not need to create an account on your own. When you get an account, you can do whatever you want. Player, so that it can be shared with other users, you can upload the video on the go.

Record Interesting Videos
This function is the best features of the application feel that the user can most comfortable to use. With the help of the latest AI technology of today, combined with AR technology, it brings an exciting experience to the user. This application, resulted in a number of important effects to the user when recording a video, you can get the best experience. This app automatically identifies all the face of the person standing in front of the lens, and automatically insert an effect on the lens. Not only is it possible to decorate, the application can also be used to provide a number of other video effects. For example, fast-forward effect, slow-motion effects, such as the boomerang effect, will be provided by the application so that the user can select.

Ensuring User Safety & Privacy
After you have created an account, the user provides the ID code to be able to search for each other. The user can use this ID as a way to identify the other users, using the ID You can also search for other users. All of the videos that you create, it ID is attached to the other person is prevented from stealing your videos. Users can also choose whether or not to post videos. If the user does not want to show to someone your own videos, users will not be able to post the public. Or, select the friends mode, you can also post videos that can only see a friend. This feature, users to ensure their privacy, has been very good to avoid the theft of video.

Video Recording with Music
This is, this application is a new function of most other applications, users, so as to be able to pairing the music of the video, you will need to use a variety of software. This allows users to spend a little more time to be able to run it. However, in the case of this application, because users can be recorded directly to video with music, and the recording is finished, already contains music. The user does not need to spend time on the dubbing of the video. It only needs to shoot once the video. That’s it.

Charm of this application will not be denied. This application is also the location create a lot of new trends in the world. The most popular trend in the world, has been mostly derived from the video of the user TikTok. This application, players can post to a social network, will help you to create compelling video for or show off to friends. So, without having to download the Tik Tok immediately, until you can take a funny video, what do you waiting for?

Download TikTok Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name TikTok(Apk)
Updated December 18, 2020
Current.V 18.2.3
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 82M
Offered By TikTok Pte. Ltd.

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