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Join The Zombie Blast Crew And Kill The Hords Of Zombies

You notice that have become completely addicted to this magnificent zombie shooting game title on the Android platform. Choose your favorite character, put in the hands of your favorite gun, let’s dive into the challenges of spectacular shooting game. You will notice that you are surrounded by deadly enemies from all directions. In was overtaken in the zombie world, but there is little you can do to the human race is to prevent the advance of the enemy, and wait for the rescue they came hero. And you are our only hope is that by ward off the zombies in your excellent shooting skills, you come to help the survivors. When you use a powerful and accurate shot, please let me off them. Participating in the zombie blasting crew, please defeat the enemy.

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This game is, in Android gamers, the occurrence of disastrous zombie will introduce the world of post-endings that wiped out most of the population of the human race. Now, we have isolated the ruined city, there is no place where even go to eat, and is surrounded by nasty monsters that are out there. And our only hope was to wait for the save us come army. However, they not appear army, zombies are terrorizing the survivors. In these darkest moment, the hero appears, you fight with the zombies. And that hero is you. Only you with a surprising gun of force, defeat the enemy, you can bring salvation to the survivors.

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Developer: Vivid Games S.A.
Price: Free+

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Zombie Blast Crew Game Features

  • Zombie blasting crew of gamers, as it exits the ultimate journey of the game, you will be able to access the level of fun and funny zombie shooting game.
  • First, Android gamers of zombie blasting crew, you’ll notice that have become completely addicted to shooting gaming experience to the extent not grand and believe in the game.
  • The game also features your different variety of different enemies in each mission.
  • In order to more interesting fight, gamers of zombie blasting crew has also been introduced a variety of interesting guns and gear that can be equipped to take in hand the hero.
  • When you dive into the epic battle with the enemy, it is important to carry some of the booster and a buff that can help you in the important moments.
  • Then, in order to deal with the hordes of zombies, hero is only one person is not enough. In addition, to help other people, to cooperate as a team, you have to defeat the pesky enemy effectively.

Download Zombie Blast Crew Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Zombie Blast Crew(Apk)
Updated June 29, 2020
Current.V 2.4.0
Req.Android 6.0 and up
Size 102M
Offered By Vivid Games S.A.