How to Start Investing Today With the Money You Spend Right Now

Many individuals join the job market immediately after college and first jump straight into the feet of life. Money comes from a job, then goes straight to commitments, food, entertainment, etc. All of life’s necessities and pleasures. This is often called a “rat race” being stuck. That’s the same thing every month… Money is coming in, cash is going out. It’s very hard to get out once you’re stuck in it. But that’s not impossible.

Now, the cash you make in your work depends on your capacity to perform a task or function and the amount of time you spend on it. Essentially, the use of a learned skill is trading time for cash. But perhaps this can not go on indefinitely, can it? What occurs if you get too old to do the same duties that a job requires?

Unfortunately, it’s going on for a very long time for some individuals. And when people who don’t invest in items that generate revenue, whether they work or not, are no longer able to work, they have nothing to assist them live as comfortably as they are today.

Money is rarely spent on investment until most individuals get into a career job that provides nice advantages (including a 401k). Money is made and spent as quickly as it is made, giving the necessities and comforts of life to a person at the time-and then some, but not allowing much for a prosperous future once the income from work stops.

Everyone has to face the truth at some stage in their lives that a job will not give them all they want or need in life-particularly a life after retirement age. Investing is the best thing to figure out in life early on.

You must first comprehend what investment is to know how essential it is to invest. An investment is a one-time effort technique of making cash. This effort can sometimes be intense and take some time, but for many years to come it can provide income without having to make the same effort or time.

If you’re doing a lot of studies to purchase a house to use as an investment, you just need to do that research once. Once you purchase an investment, with very little effort, it will create cash for you. If you write a book and put it to sell on a website, you only have to write a book once and it will make money as long as it is active on the website or in a book store. If you are researching a stock company and finding a ideal one, investing some cash in it, then money begins to do job and make cash without having to do anything.

These are easy instances of investment that require some effort. The point is that if you understand what you’re doing, making cash from investments is much easier than making cash at a job. How much time and energy someone has to put into making cash is a enormous distinction between an investment and a job. The cool thing about investing in the stock market (whether it’s traditional buy / hold / sell trading, 401k investment, or choices) is that you just need to know how to do it once, maintain repeating what you’ve learned, and let every dollar you’re investing do all the remainder of the job for you so you can enjoy life as designed.

There is, of course, one HUGE issue facing everyone before they can invest. Where are you gaining cash to make cash? You ultimately get caught up in an impossible circle, which is very difficult to get out of, when you live life in a “rat race.”

Don’t be afraid!

You’ve got cash… You’re just not yet aware of it!

There are ways to make some changes in your lives to begin building “capital” to invest-no matter what kind of investment you want to begin. At first it’ll be slow, but it’ll definitely morph into something you don’t think you can.

Opening a “Round Up” Savings Account is one way to build up investment capital relatively rapidly. Indeed, this kind of capital-growing account enables you save and create cash based on your daily purchases. You attach your checking accounts or credit cards to your Round Up account and this account rounds up to the nearest dollar for each purchase you make and deposits that rounded up cash into an investment platform that helps your savings grow faster. Not a lot of work, is it? This unique account of investment does the remainder.

For instance, if you’ve spent $20.57 on something, up to $21.00 is rounded up. The round up, or $0.43, is put in your account, which is split by account configurations into several stocks.

If you make a monthly average of $0.35 a round up 50 purchases from your checking account, you’ll save $17.50 that month. That’s $210.00 saved in a year just by completing these acquisitions.

With the motion of the stock market, the money invested in this round-up account goes up and down. It will increase by $10.50 more at 5 percent increase in a year. And some stocks that invest your cash in earning dividends that are reinvested in your account automatically.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it will keep growing over time. This is an investment in itself, and if you constantly add to it, it can develop fairly quickly. If you have additional cash that you want to save over the course of a month, you can also create deposits to apply to your account to increase your account even quicker.

A Round Up Savings Account is merely a step-by-step to get you to a greater rate of investment that can be stock trading, option trading, a pension investment account, real estate, or anything else that you can invest in to create more cash.

Once you’re building some decent investment capital in your Round Up account, you can cancel it whenever you want and use it to buy property (stuff you earn cash-unlike liabilities) or invest in stocks to create even more cash over time.

Jason Moser is an author and stock market investor, specializing in extreme trading techniques. Learn more about Round Up Investing to help build investment capital on his Stock Market Hacks website or Charting Signals Facebook Page.

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