HalfLife, the FPS is one of the industry’s major monuments and so far preferred by a lot of people. Is a magnificent monument to launch a study of the products of these names is not uncommon. Critical Ops is one of the most successful HalfLife mobile platforms – phones FPS game. Mobile platforms once the website before the game, but the attractiveness of mobile platforms is done in the game, was released in 2016. This game quickly resonated and mobile platforms was one of the best FPS games.

The background is familiar
This game is still a lot of older players to fight terrorists and antiterrorun long way watching. The player has to beat the other to be one of them. Converted is evaluated group in the fight against terrorism, the fight against terrorists to win and avoid bombing important places are given the task. If it is a terrorist side, you must activate the bomb to destroy and gain strategic locations. Men also relied on this style to attract the attention of players.

So this is part of the game, based on the existing ones in order to attract a lot of players in the game is no exception. Although a style well-known to this day for the training of players is considered to be the standard FPS game series. The battles in the game, the player never has a dull, so it is not surprising that the game is very successful.

Vivid 3D graphics
Graphics of the game, they all share the same graphic format HalfLife a similar 3D shape. Not only is this game spectacular, but what is exciting is the refinement of the look. The pictures in the game are very subtle; All the player has been built to bring the best practices and cleaned. The game no matter how realistic the game so much that it becomes the first person perspective; this perspective will make the player completely independent of the character to play the game.

Each character, weapons, armor, and everything is perfect and there is nothing to be criticized. The content of the battles in the game is also simple, they all take place in only two beautiful cities, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Despite the fact that only two of the city’s other games is better than a lot of experience in the toy maps. The players in the game, everything is perfect and the price is very high.

Diverse game modes
This game is a typical game of this series still retains the regime, ie Defuse mode and Deathmatch modes for players to choose. Each player’s experience of the regime to diversify features. Thus, when the players play the game, thanks to the ability to change the regime continued to live a sustainable, unique things. Defuse mode, players will be divided into two teams: terrorism and counter-terrorism, the terrorists put a bomb in order to destroy the anti-terrorist bomb disposal duty and responsibility to carry.

The main task of the team is the first to investigate both sides who finished the match wins. No bombs or anything else; when it combines individual skills and teammates to win. This game mode is a simple task that the team will win the first killing all the enemies. It’s very simple, but they can not do; In addition to being a good personal skills to support each other and cooperate with your teammates would know how.

Diverse arsenal
Generating brand element FPS games, players can choose from a number of large weapons arsenal of weapons. The game, the players, the players who are ready to serve the needs of a weapon system will provide an incredibly large. Everything from pistols, knives, submachine guns, machine guns and snipers to fighting is in the game. Before starting the game, players will have the right to choose the weapon is ready to fight. Players choose the weapon they like and are ready to win.

Download Critical Ops Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Critical Ops(Apk)
Updated October 8, 2020
Current.V 1.20.0.f1211
Req.Android 4.4 and up
Size 75M
Offered By Critical Force Ltd.

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