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Adobe Premiere Rush Apk | Quickly Create Awesome Videos From Powerful Tools |

In addition to image editing, it is what you need to edit in order to achieve what the video was also better than the original. Do too many video editing application that the user can not select on the market? If you’re a video editor, there is definitely a user does not know the application. It is the Adobe series. They recently, the user has released the Adobe PremiereRush is the latest application that can be used. This application, so that users can enjoy the best of video editing, brings a lot of new features.

This Is A Convenient And Stable Video Editing

This application is, most of the newly available to the user and provides a cool tool to the user. This application is a shortened version of the Pro version, it is not inferior to the original version that you can perform. Tool that the application can support the editing of the user is the key that the user can edit the video. This application, so as to be able to choose what users need, and provides the tools to be complex from the simplest things. Beginner, you need to use from accustomed to simple tools such as video cut and merge, gradually advanced tools. The sophisticated tools of the application to be used for editing, audio adjustment, color enhancement of, and effect. If you can learn what the user application provides the user does not have it is so difficult to get the excellent video from the application. This application is to use it is intended for amateur can start the video editing. For this reason, so that the user is not confused, tools provided has been somewhat limited. However, it does not mean that the professional can not use the app, you can use anyone download. The tools provided by the application are excellent, meet the needs of professionals, it is enough to function.

Wonderful Sound Was To Be More Wonderful Video

The two most important elements of the video, that is the image and voice, both of which are just as important in the video. Sound, and video to more perfect, is what shows all the emotion of the subject in the video. However, many applications have focused only on the image, the sound is not just a special. However, this application does not have such things. The sound, there is also image similar to editing tool that allows the user to use. Application creative team, in order to provide the best sound to the user, have applied the new artificial intelligence technology. Its technology is called AIAdobeSense. This technology helps greatly, and provides the best experience. This tool allows the user to take the balance of the audio of the video, helps to perfection. This tool, users or reduce the noise, or to filter the noise, you can also applications or to support many of the functions of the other can bring to the user. The combination of audio and video, will be the perfect couple. Two members work together to enhance the appeal of video. And the most amazing thing about this video is that all these functions automatically. The user does not need to customize it. When a user starts recording, it will automatically improve the audio of the video by this function.

Support Of Free Cloud Storage Tool

As many users know, you need a lot of memory space to the high quality of the video is stored. However, today, many of the new generation device does not support the use of the memory card. So how to save high quality video? It is the use of cloud storage to storage. Typical video editing application does not certainly support this feature for users, but users need to use a third-party application. However, this requires a lot of time for users to archive, users will feel uncomfortable every time you think you want to find it. This application provides a free cloud storage system that the user can use the user. This app, you can save the product free to provide users in the 100Gb for free.

It Can Be Easily Shared With Other Platforms

When the user to complete the video, users can easily share a variety of video platforms. Users can share directly to Facebook or Youtube immediately after the work has been completed. Once the app editing is finished, the user can choose to transfer you want to save the video, to other platforms. You can perform all by simply tap the screen once. Manual does not take much time to share.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Adobe Premiere Rush(Apk)
Updated December 19, 2020
Size 147M
Offered By Adobe

InShare Apk | Transfer Files At A Speed Of Up To 40 MB Per Second |

InShare is a very useful app to easily share and receive any kind of file transfer. If you want to send a large file to a friend or to waste time, without or pay the money to a special service, this app is a great way to send a few seconds the file in the Android smartphone. To send a file, tap the send button. From there, music, documents, photos, videos, apps, etc., you can select a file to be sent. All you have to do is find the category and select the files you need. The advantage of using InShare, there is no transfer restriction is that you can send any kind of file.

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Reception of the file is just as easy. Tap the reception button, the sender of the file is just wait for it to complete the process. Once the notification is received, simply tap the [I agree], the file is transferred in a few seconds, is stored in the smartphone. InShare is an excellent way to transfer important files from the old smartphone to a new smartphone. In addition, without the use of WhatsApp and e-mail, it can also be used to send files to friends and family. Using this app, so as not to waste the data in the transfer of large files, to further complete the entire process within one minute.

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InShare Apk Features

These are the main features that are provided by this application.

  • Compatible with both Android devices and the PC.
  • A speed of up to 40MB.
  • Photo, video, audio, document, such as an application pack, supports all file types.
  • Ability to send more than one folder at a time.
  • To generate a download using the QR code.
  • There is no data restrictions on transfer.

Download InShare Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name InShare(Apk)
Updated October 30, 2020
Current Version
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 7.7M
Offered By InShot Inc.

Snapseed Apk | Perfect Any Photo Awesome Using Tools & Filters |

Art of photo editing, because it can play freely in a variety of visual effects, is very powerful and exciting. Therefore, you can make changes of any kind to a particular image or photo. Color, composition, perspective, please be free to explore the various editing options for adjusting the visual effects, and many other aspects of. And now, by the hardware and the corresponding stunning camera setup of the Android device, mobile users will be able to notice that you are engaged in an exciting photo-editing experience. Here, select the competent photo editor application, such as PhotoDirector and PicsArt, you can run on Android devices. As a result, you can make free to change the image you have selected or capture on the go. However, when it comes to the absolute level of use as a professional, Android users do not seem to have an excellent choice than Snapseed. Excellent photo editor app is because they are provided by Google itself. Therefore, you can take advantage of to easily maximize the hardware capabilities of the device.

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As you can imagine, when you use the exciting mobile application of Snapseed, Android users, in both the professional and amateur, you can edit the selected image easily and effectively. Here, exciting mobile app, offers a number of interesting features to use and customize the image as you like. Freely to participate in multiple apps in the experience, pick up the amazing photos in exciting video, please to further strengthen any of these aspects. The selected photos, multiple visual effects, editing tools, added visual elements, and customize interesting graphics, text, stickers and the like. All of these will be available in Snapseed, you can all the people to enjoy. However, most importantly, for those who are interested, you can also use the great built-in camera app Snapseed. Using this app, you can shoot with the best quality as much as possible the image of powerful and immersive.

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Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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Snapseed Apk Features

  • AutoCorrect – photos automatically analyze, and then perfectly adjust the exposure and color.
  • Use the innovative U Point technology for selective adjustment -NikSoftware, to accurately select and strengthening in a few seconds a particular area of the photo.
  • Adjustment of the image – Use Ambience to create depth and vibrancy that uniquely adapts to colors and textures. Adjust white balance, saturation, contrast, etc.
  • Straight rotation – and a photo with a simple gesture control to 90 ° rotation and / or straight.
  • Trimmings – image an easy to trim, remove the disturbing part of the photos as a standard aspect ratio or free of trimming.

Download Snapseed Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Snapseed(Apk)
Updated April 14, 2020
Current Version Varies with device
Requires Android Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Offered By Google LLC

Digi Khata Apk | Manage Your Business Using This Application |

The time has now come to be up to change the normal khata this cool app DigiKhata. It’s safe and secure for your business. Using this app, you can start the online khata system for free. Only manages the transaction from a mobile phone to install this app, you do not need to carry around all the time old khata this. It is very easy to use, 100% safe is for your personal business. This app is very useful for all types of business. The owner of shopkeepers and small businesses can also use this app for free. In all of the transaction, the customer will receive a massage.

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Digi Khata provides the easiest way to manage the business. With this app, you can set the costume payment reminders. This app is ideal for business that can send payment reminders to customers using the Whatsapp. This app is safe and secure for your business. If you delete or lose your mobile phone, you can also back up all of the data. You can add a new costumer to Digi Khata, or you can update the costumer information. When you use the Digi Khata, easy access to all of the costumer that can make a direct phone call to this app. You will be able to manage your payment using this app. This app has been completely trust, it is free in every type of business.

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Digi Khata Apk Features

  • Add a new costumer, costumer information also editing.
  • It is completely safe and secure.
  • Data recovery if you lose your mobile phone.
  • So that you can easily access to all of the costumer.
  • To manage the transaction and payment.
  • Free of sms in all transactions to the costume.
  • Very easy to use simple.
  • Add the transaction and payment anytime, anywhere.
  • You can edit or update a deal with this app.
  • Your contact is your costumer list.

Download Digi Khata Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Digi Khata(Apk)
Updated November 9, 2020
Current Version 2.4.5
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Size 8.3M
Offered By Free, Easy & Safe Digital Khata app

Dropbox | Synchronize Files From Your Phone And Device |

Dropbox is an official service of the same name. This allows you to access all the files in your Dropbox account and sync them with your Android device.

You can download files from your account from the Dropbox app, upload photos as soon as you take a picture, and link your content through various platforms (information, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

#The Dropbox app can sync all your photos and videos automatically. Turn on this great feature, and every time you take a picture or video, it will not only be saved to your device, but will also be automatically uploaded to your account.

This is very important for any user of the Android version of Dropbox Cloud Storage Service King. Not only can you save your most valuable files when there is a hardware failure with it on your Android device, but you can also use your hard drive in the cloud at will.


  • Automatically upload videos and photos in all backgrounds to cloud photo storage from your camera roll for easy video sharing and photo sharing.
  • account Access any file in your account – even offline – and preview 175 different file types that do not require any special software.
  • Easily send large files by copying and pasting a link that you can give to someone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  • Scan documents, receipts, IDs, photos and more using your mobile device and convert them to high quality PDF, so you can view and send anywhere.
  • Sync folders to Dropbox on your PC or Mac with a backup computer backup, and recover older versions or restore deleted files with Worst History and File Recovery.

Download Dropbox Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Dropbox (Apk)
Updated November 10, 2020
Current.V 212.2.2
Req.Android 6.0 and up
Size 104M
Offered By Dropbox, Inc.

ELSA Speak | Improve Your English Level Thanks To Its Voice Recognition |

Have you ever faced a position in which a foreigner asking for directions in English, and find it difficult to express your opinion though you have spent decades of learning English? Many students only improve their grammar and vocabulary, but their ability to speak does not improve much in the learning process. Spending a lot of time to learn other skills and ignore the talk makes us aware of ourselves gradually and shy away from communicating in English. Therefore, people started looking for free English learning apps to help practice better speaking and pronunciation.There is a saying do not expect a lot of things free, but ELSA Speak: Learn to speak English well will help you to completely change this mentality. This is the best application in the world to help you learn to speak English fluently like a native speaker more effectively and efficiently. Let’s try the application utility.

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Would you ever be anxious to know your English speaking and interpreting skills and to what extent can you improve yourself? Don’t worry because ELSA Speak: Learn to speak English fluently which will help you to test your skills with an entry test designed by professional language leaders. The task is simple. Just click on that test exam, you will be taken to the exam of 16 English sentences. Your job is to read all the recordings and wait to see what is selected. The cool thing is that the app records your reading and carefully analyzes your pronunciation. You will find out what percentage of the speakers of your generation are and get a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses in speech. From there, the program will provide an exercise program that suits you best.

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ELSA Speak Apk Features

  • Pronunciation of games.
  • Voice to strengthen sports.
  • The voice is the voice.

Download ELSA Speak Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name ELSA Speak (Apk)
Updated October 30, 2020
Current Version 5.9.9
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Size 30M
Offered By ELSA

SHAREit Apk | Transfer Large Files From One Device To Another Quickly |

Thanks to the SHAREit, or connected to the same WiFi network, even without or use a cable or Bluetooth, you can now transfer files to a computer or other phone. Currently, a variety of devices (PC, Mac, smartphone, such as a tablet), since it is available, it is common to carry out one after another the work depending on the location. In many cases, you will find that there is a need to transfer large files between all of these devices.

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We usually look for solutions related to Bluetooth connections, cables, or apps that share the same WiFi network, but all the unique issues that come with them, mostly both devices need to be placed very close together. There is. This is an application that allows you to transfer files between devices at high speed, even with larger files, without connecting to the same network, without cables, without using Bluetooth. You can use SHAREit on Android by downloading the corresponding APK, and there is no problem if you use it on other devices such as Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad.

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SHAREit Apk Features

  • Android from -Android, iOS, and then transfer the files to other platforms such as Windows (7,8,8.1,10).
  • Photos, images, songs, installed software, SMS text messages, MMS messages, and images are transferred.
  • Controls the PowerPoint slide show from a mobile phone.
  • CLONEit function to copy the contents of all of the phone with one click to another terminal.
  • Up to 200 times the speed of -Bluetooth connection.
  • Simple control interface.

SHAREit – Connect and Transfer is an application for quick transportation between all types of devices. The only thing is: you install this application on both sides. Meaning, you must be both smart phone or tablet device is the future and the sender is running SHAREit to complete transfers. Download SHAREit Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name SHAREit(Apk)
Updated October 26, 2020
Current Version 5.7.58_ww
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Size 60M
Offered By Smart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd.

WhatWeb Plus Apk | Improves The Functionality Of The Web Version Of Whatsapp |

WhatWeb Plus is a software designed to enhance the features of WhatsApp Web. It’s not official yet, but from your mobile phone, you can send and receive online and offline updates. Its setup is simple and you have the possibility to use two numbers. It operates with extensions of Chrome that can be downloaded from the official page of WhatsApp. In addition, you can send messages and make video calls.
It has a strong protection framework as well, so third parties do not collect the data. Protected from hackers, this holds the talk. Therefore, download WhatWebPlus if you want to have a better web experience with WhatsApp on your device. A flexible message-sending tool, multimedia content, and more.

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Installing the application is easy. Just open the Chrome browser and add the extension. It will be downloaded in minutes and installed automatically. Then run WhatsApp Web to see the available options.
For example, the application is divided into four sections. The first improvement offers privacy and customization options. You can use this section to blur old messages on the screen or hover your mouse cursor over them to view your contact list. Customization options allow you to enable the ability to send emoji without opening it. Check the status of each contact next to your profile picture. When you open the conversation panel, each chat shows the status of each contact. Also, in this section you can only view the current message when you enter the chat. The second section is the restoration of deleted messages. This is great for recovering recently deleted conversations. It’s very easy to do. Each chat has a red symbol that indicates the message that was deleted when pressed. Third, there is the ability to highlight online contacts. That is, everyone connected will be displayed on the screen with a green ring. It also notifies you whenever one of them is connected or disconnected. You can also use this feature to view complete information about the contacts you are talking to. When enabled, a third screen or box will appear on the right each time you talk to a contact. You can also program the automatic message sending to anyone you like in the fourth section. To enjoy this, you have to pay a small amount. Then write a message and specify the destination with the set date. In fact, you can send to multiple people at the same time. In addition, this section provides you with the opportunity to export your contacts in text or Excel format to your mobile device.

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Developer: Airon Labs
Price: Free

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WhatWeb Plus Apk Features

  • WhatsApp A practical tool for using the Web.
  • It is divided into four sections having different functions.
  • Privacy option to protect conversations with passwords.
  • More fun emoji packs are included.
  • You can customize the chat for each contact.
  • Updated frequently.

Therefore, the use of WhatWeb Plus, you can add personality to the Web version of WhatsApp. Download WhatWeb Plus Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name WhatWeb Plus(Apk)
Updated Jan 29, 2019
Current Version 1.1.6
Requires Android 4.4 and later
Size 8.6M
Offered By Airon Labs