Talon for Twitter Apk | Give Eye Catching Customization Setting To Twitter |

As mentioned above, Talon for Twitter is basically, it is an application with a lot of exciting customization tools to experience the use of the most popular, which is one of the social networking application Twitter today. In general, the use of this application is easy. Of course, the first thing you need to do is to download the app to the mobile phone. With the help of this application, but an interface that is similar to the Twitter homepage can be obtained, it is dramatically improved, has been optimized. Privileges as the first special features of this application that you enjoy is that the need to look at the Twitter of the ad disappears. Yes, when you install this application, remove all of the ads you do not want to show, will help to highlight the content of the post. In addition, the use of some other function of this application, you can also customize many of Twitter’s interface to suit your needs. In general, this application is, in order to enjoy the use of Twitter, because it is intended to optimize all in a more simple way, there is no complicated that it can not be understood.

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Developer: Luke Klinker
Price: €3.19+

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Talon for Twitter Apk Features

Talon for Twitter is simple and easy to use, but it also includes a number of unique features that can be searched.

  • Is the first of the great features of this application, the most useful feature is a custom function of the interface. When you use this function, materialized theme engine, night mode, such as silent mode, there are a lot of things you can do with Twitter app. In addition, there is also a compact timeline layout options for this application. This feature, to optimize the Timeline layout, helps the screen space of the device to take full advantage. All of these features, Twitter experience will surely greatly improved.
  • In addition, this application, in order to be able to use Twitter more simple and easy, also provide users with many of the other flexible features. For example, to follow the thread, you can display reply to the tweet, two accounts of support, user mute option, retweets, hashtags, Twitter client, an expression.

Of course, the Talon for Twitter, there are a number of unique features of the other, which did not mention so far. Therefore, I thought this app is that it is convenient, and downloaded to the mobile phone, please enjoy more of the benefits. Download Talon for Twitter Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Talon for Twitter (Apk)
Updated January 22, 2021
Current Version
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Size 11M
Offered By Luke Klinker

Shapical X | Combine, Blend, Adjust and Edit Your Photos On Android |

Shapical X is the iconic sequel of the well known Shapical geometric photo editor for 1M+ downloads. Shapical X also makes it possible to add shapes, text, figures, objects & lines to a picture as a main representative of a broad series of geometric photo editors, change colours, and use eraser masking software. In this edition, however, a range of features have been added that transform Shapical X into a full all-in-one photo editor. There is a chance not only to add lines and shapes, but also to add graphic patterns, combine images with photos, add complex dynamic graphic artefacts, including baugasm-style gradients, as well as pixelation effects, smudge, glitch, noise, vhs. Shapical X now enables double exposure, merging, photo collages, and a wide range of colour correction settings to be used, such as colour curves, contrast, shadows, highlights, exposure, warmth, luminosity, sharpen, fade, and opacity layers.

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We have also incorporated the Unsplash photo stock, which is the leading source of beautiful pictures in the free world, so you can easily use professional background images to make stunning collages of photo art, pictures, wallpapers. Shapical X helps you to work with layers in the best tradition of full-fledged and competent photo editors (a lot of layers). And you can add an infinite number of layers and navigate through them with ease. Layers, different graphic objects and effects, may be shapes or photographs. It therefore makes Shapical X an outstanding blending tool for the production of complex collages, while being absolutely simple to use and.This enables you to deliver right after the first launch.

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Shapical X Apk Features

  • Combine images, mix and overlap, create double exposures.
  • Transform and use the Smudge function to transfer objects and pictures.
  • With the brush tool, lighten, darken, or colour pictures.
  • Switch opacity and alter modes of blending.
  • To keep track of everything that you add to your project, work with layers.
  • Draw or tap your picture, add any object or text with neon, glitch or gradient effects.
  • Reproduce textures and add masks to the form.
  • With split colour distortion, pixelation, vividness and many other awesome effects, enhance your artwork.
  • Take advantage of efficient instruments for colour correction, such as curves.

Download Shapical X Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Shapical X (Apk)
Updated October 23, 2020
Current Version 1.54
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Size 33M
Offered By Sixhands

TikTok Apk | Watch The Funny Videos For A Laugh On Android |

With the development of social networks, today’s young people tend to express themselves toward the social network, we show it to other people and especially post your pictures to the social network. They are not only to post their own photos, you show off by posting a short video on social media. Normal video capture application with a phone and a compatible, you will not be able to meet the user’s requirements. Therefore, users tend to search for a third-party app to do these things.

Tik Tok is trusted by many people around the world, is an application that is popular all over the world. Chinese company has developed the application. The beginning of the application is the China region, has spread to the whole world. This application is above the YouTube, Facebook, now the app that has been most downloaded for a while. According to the calculations, this application has been reached in one day 150 million active users and 500 million monthly active users in June 2018. This is the best video support applications in the world. Now, users can find current. App provides many that the user can use the great features to the user.


Social Network
This application is considered to be a miniature social network in the video editing within the application. Therefore, to be able to use the app, users must first create an account. However, because the application can log in to the application the user is using the “Facebook” account, you do not need to create an account on your own. When you get an account, you can do whatever you want. Player, so that it can be shared with other users, you can upload the video on the go.

Record Interesting Videos
This function is the best features of the application feel that the user can most comfortable to use. With the help of the latest AI technology of today, combined with AR technology, it brings an exciting experience to the user. This application, resulted in a number of important effects to the user when recording a video, you can get the best experience. This app automatically identifies all the face of the person standing in front of the lens, and automatically insert an effect on the lens. Not only is it possible to decorate, the application can also be used to provide a number of other video effects. For example, fast-forward effect, slow-motion effects, such as the boomerang effect, will be provided by the application so that the user can select.

Ensuring User Safety & Privacy
After you have created an account, the user provides the ID code to be able to search for each other. The user can use this ID as a way to identify the other users, using the ID You can also search for other users. All of the videos that you create, it ID is attached to the other person is prevented from stealing your videos. Users can also choose whether or not to post videos. If the user does not want to show to someone your own videos, users will not be able to post the public. Or, select the friends mode, you can also post videos that can only see a friend. This feature, users to ensure their privacy, has been very good to avoid the theft of video.

Video Recording with Music
This is, this application is a new function of most other applications, users, so as to be able to pairing the music of the video, you will need to use a variety of software. This allows users to spend a little more time to be able to run it. However, in the case of this application, because users can be recorded directly to video with music, and the recording is finished, already contains music. The user does not need to spend time on the dubbing of the video. It only needs to shoot once the video. That’s it.

Charm of this application will not be denied. This application is also the location create a lot of new trends in the world. The most popular trend in the world, has been mostly derived from the video of the user TikTok. This application, players can post to a social network, will help you to create compelling video for or show off to friends. So, without having to download the Tik Tok immediately, until you can take a funny video, what do you waiting for?

Download TikTok Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name TikTok(Apk)
Updated December 18, 2020
Current.V 18.2.3
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 82M
Offered By TikTok Pte. Ltd.

Adobe Premiere Rush Apk | Quickly Create Awesome Videos From Powerful Tools |

In addition to image editing, it is what you need to edit in order to achieve what the video was also better than the original. Do too many video editing application that the user can not select on the market? If you’re a video editor, there is definitely a user does not know the application. It is the Adobe series. They recently, the user has released the Adobe PremiereRush is the latest application that can be used. This application, so that users can enjoy the best of video editing, brings a lot of new features.

This Is A Convenient And Stable Video Editing

This application is, most of the newly available to the user and provides a cool tool to the user. This application is a shortened version of the Pro version, it is not inferior to the original version that you can perform. Tool that the application can support the editing of the user is the key that the user can edit the video. This application, so as to be able to choose what users need, and provides the tools to be complex from the simplest things. Beginner, you need to use from accustomed to simple tools such as video cut and merge, gradually advanced tools. The sophisticated tools of the application to be used for editing, audio adjustment, color enhancement of, and effect. If you can learn what the user application provides the user does not have it is so difficult to get the excellent video from the application. This application is to use it is intended for amateur can start the video editing. For this reason, so that the user is not confused, tools provided has been somewhat limited. However, it does not mean that the professional can not use the app, you can use anyone download. The tools provided by the application are excellent, meet the needs of professionals, it is enough to function.

Wonderful Sound Was To Be More Wonderful Video

The two most important elements of the video, that is the image and voice, both of which are just as important in the video. Sound, and video to more perfect, is what shows all the emotion of the subject in the video. However, many applications have focused only on the image, the sound is not just a special. However, this application does not have such things. The sound, there is also image similar to editing tool that allows the user to use. Application creative team, in order to provide the best sound to the user, have applied the new artificial intelligence technology. Its technology is called AIAdobeSense. This technology helps greatly, and provides the best experience. This tool allows the user to take the balance of the audio of the video, helps to perfection. This tool, users or reduce the noise, or to filter the noise, you can also applications or to support many of the functions of the other can bring to the user. The combination of audio and video, will be the perfect couple. Two members work together to enhance the appeal of video. And the most amazing thing about this video is that all these functions automatically. The user does not need to customize it. When a user starts recording, it will automatically improve the audio of the video by this function.

Support Of Free Cloud Storage Tool

As many users know, you need a lot of memory space to the high quality of the video is stored. However, today, many of the new generation device does not support the use of the memory card. So how to save high quality video? It is the use of cloud storage to storage. Typical video editing application does not certainly support this feature for users, but users need to use a third-party application. However, this requires a lot of time for users to archive, users will feel uncomfortable every time you think you want to find it. This application provides a free cloud storage system that the user can use the user. This app, you can save the product free to provide users in the 100Gb for free.

It Can Be Easily Shared With Other Platforms

When the user to complete the video, users can easily share a variety of video platforms. Users can share directly to Facebook or Youtube immediately after the work has been completed. Once the app editing is finished, the user can choose to transfer you want to save the video, to other platforms. You can perform all by simply tap the screen once. Manual does not take much time to share.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Adobe Premiere Rush(Apk)
Updated December 19, 2020
Size 147M
Offered By Adobe

VLLO Apk | Create Your Incredible Videos By Using This App |

Video is one of the ways you can each tell their own story. At the same time, the sharp image and audio, video is now a widely used tool in a variety of ways. In response to this development, a variety of video editing software has appeared on the platform from the computer to the handheld device. If you are looking for a similar app for smartphones and tablets, VLLO – you need to use the Easy Video & Vlog EditingApp.

Simple Video Editing Using The Handset

Since the device is able to download the VLLO- Easy Video & Vlog Editing App, there is no longer difficult video editing for many people. Necessary functions are displayed in this application, easier to use. Feel interesting, without transferring the files to other devices, it is to directly edit the captured video on your phone or tablet. Can select your favorite video you want to edit, you can perform cut, the basic operations such as merge loop. This app provides the same functions as those found on other platforms. This editing process will take a lot of time and effort definitely, but you can not deny the fun. You can make your product on your own.

To Add A More Lively Background Music Was

In addition to providing the basic tasks, VLLO – Easy Video & Vlog Editing App can also help to add some elements to the video to the unique. When you add a background music, video becomes more attractive, you may want to overwhelm the low-quality original. Thanks to this app, you can add your favorite songs. This application provides 200 free BGM of a variety of genres that you selected. You can use these numbers to create videos in different colors. At the same time, in the course of use, you will have the desire certainly want to explore all of the archive. When listening to excellent music available, I feel motivated, you will love the work that is their own.

To Add A Story Of Illustrations

Video is a way for users to tell their story to other people. Therefore, it is essential to be able to understand the excellent content viewer. As long as you want to add a word reminiscent of the video of the topic, is not difficult transfer. As a result, the viewer at the same time easily will be able to follow, not only recorded in that video, you can make more highlight the video.

The Quality Of The Video Is Guaranteed

After you have completed the product for yourself, your job is to export it with the required quality. In order to help you create up to 4K resolution of the video, you can ensure comfort when other people see your video. At the same time, everyone is hoping that his brain is beautiful always perfect.

VLLO – Easy Video & Vlog Editing App provides a video editing function to the user, so that you can create the product on a smartphone or tablet. Without having to switch to another device, you can select the video you need to edit. At the same time, to add other elements to the video, is easy that the product to be able to reliably achieve a certain level of excellence. Therefore, VLLO – please do not be afraid to create when using the Easy Video & Vlog EditingApp.

Download VLLO Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name VLLO(Apk)
Updated December 22, 2020
Current.V 6.2.0
Req.Android 5.0 and up
Size 105M
Offered By vimosoft

Badoo Apk | Meet People Who Like You For You In This App |

In general, the Internet, especially smart phones, meeting new people, has become one of the methods most popular for flirting. It’s definitely, so spent a lifetime in the bar or disco, because help to overcome the embarrassment you feel when you approach the person who virtuality are interested in. Well, gymnasium, library, school, even at the university’s right. Can be downloaded to Android or iPhone in the app with the most popular of this kind, you need to refer to Tinder with a classic for selecting someone on the basis of the photograph “Yes” the system of “No” .. However, there are other equally interesting app that appeared long before Tinder. In the case of Badoo, also match a couple and for many years around the world.

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Yes, but useful these applications, does not cause a miracle, even if not know how to sell yourself well, it does not matter how easy to make the things. At least this is free of charge, is the side which is considered good for many users. You can also meet a girl and men without paying a cent, but if you want to increase the rank, you might have an in-app purchase is required. Favorably, it must be said to be one of the most long-standing of the resources on the Internet to find your important other things. APK format of Android.

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Badoo Apk Features

It is, since the first to have appeared, and a lot has been expanded and improved function.

  • This dating social network, there are more than 300 million users from all over the world. It will help you find the people of any city or region you can imagine.
  • To send a message, and chat with other users.
  • Photo, video, and complete a profile with personal information such as interests and hobbies.
  • Please find the people according to your location and thank you for your GPS.
  • The features that the other dating apps like happn to take full advantage of, will help you find the Who or bumped.
  • In order to filter the results using various criteria, to search for loved ones.
  • Instagram, share Facebook, other social networks and profile, such as Twitter.

Download Badoo Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

AppName Badoo(Apk)
Updated December 11, 2020
Current.V 5.199.3
Req.Android 5.0 and up
Size 50M
Offered By Badoo

Join The Zombie Blast Crew And Kill The Hords Of Zombies

You notice that have become completely addicted to this magnificent zombie shooting game title on the Android platform. Choose your favorite character, put in the hands of your favorite gun, let’s dive into the challenges of spectacular shooting game. You will notice that you are surrounded by deadly enemies from all directions. In was overtaken in the zombie world, but there is little you can do to the human race is to prevent the advance of the enemy, and wait for the rescue they came hero. And you are our only hope is that by ward off the zombies in your excellent shooting skills, you come to help the survivors. When you use a powerful and accurate shot, please let me off them. Participating in the zombie blasting crew, please defeat the enemy.

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This game is, in Android gamers, the occurrence of disastrous zombie will introduce the world of post-endings that wiped out most of the population of the human race. Now, we have isolated the ruined city, there is no place where even go to eat, and is surrounded by nasty monsters that are out there. And our only hope was to wait for the save us come army. However, they not appear army, zombies are terrorizing the survivors. In these darkest moment, the hero appears, you fight with the zombies. And that hero is you. Only you with a surprising gun of force, defeat the enemy, you can bring salvation to the survivors.

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Developer: Vivid Games S.A.
Price: Free+

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Zombie Blast Crew Game Features

  • Zombie blasting crew of gamers, as it exits the ultimate journey of the game, you will be able to access the level of fun and funny zombie shooting game.
  • First, Android gamers of zombie blasting crew, you’ll notice that have become completely addicted to shooting gaming experience to the extent not grand and believe in the game.
  • The game also features your different variety of different enemies in each mission.
  • In order to more interesting fight, gamers of zombie blasting crew has also been introduced a variety of interesting guns and gear that can be equipped to take in hand the hero.
  • When you dive into the epic battle with the enemy, it is important to carry some of the booster and a buff that can help you in the important moments.
  • Then, in order to deal with the hordes of zombies, hero is only one person is not enough. In addition, to help other people, to cooperate as a team, you have to defeat the pesky enemy effectively.

Download Zombie Blast Crew Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Zombie Blast Crew(Apk)
Updated June 29, 2020
Current.V 2.4.0
Req.Android 6.0 and up
Size 102M
Offered By Vivid Games S.A.

HD Streamz Apk | Free Listen Radio And Watch Tv Channels On Your Mobile |

Currently, most of the multi-media streaming app, you must pay a fee to the user in order to release movies, TV shows, the lock of the live program. This is, if there is no margin may become very problematic. Therefore, it is useful at any time can take advantage of apps like HDStreamz in the Android device. Here, when you use the mobile app, the user can not only enjoy a live TV channel, you can also stream a lot of live radio stations around the world. Can choose from different options thousands, please feel free to join the world of free entertainment of HDStreamz. Favorite TV shows, movies, live sports, enjoy the latest information of the news, you can enjoy the interesting radio streaming application. All of these will ensure you of a completely satisfactory experience.

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Here at HDStreamz, Android users can access to the vast library of live TV channels that can be enjoyed at any time with easy access. Please enjoy working with the thousands of channels available from countries around the world. Stream video with the best sound and visual quality. And the most important thing is that all of them will be available completely free. In addition, please enjoy the live radio channels that can be heard at any time at any time. By the improvement of the streaming service according to uninterrupted server, you can experience a smooth and stable application. In addition, the intuitive and accessible app UI, it will be all in the mobile application to work well. In combination with high-quality content, you can enjoy a multi-media entertainment truly.

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HD Streamz Apk Features

When you download the APK, you will be able to take full advantage of all of the following features.

  • Soon, Android users of HD Streamz, you can comfortably operate the intuitive and accessible mobile app. This provides the most easy-to-use app UI for a long period of time can be used.
  • Please be prepared to participate in a large-scale application in the library of HDStreamz with more than 1000 different live channels from several countries around the world.
  • Choose your favorite radio stations freely, you can enjoy the channel in high-quality audio. Also, make certain customizations in order to enjoy the application to the maximum.
  • In addition, in order to enjoy the consistent application of HD Streamz without being obstructed by the Android link the user is broken, the application is always provided with a plurality of streaming link for each channel.

For example, there are better applications, such as You TV Player, in fact, users can use a wide range of channels not to other apps. Download HD Streamz Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name HD Streamz (Apk)
Updated 12/15/2020
Current Version 4.1
Size 12.7 MB
Offered By HD Streamz

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